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Equip First Aid Kit REC 2


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  • The REC 2 is designed for solo outings and day trips. This kit while not as compact as the REC 1, is none the less a light and compact kit that contains a more complex range of items. The Rec 2 will effectively treat a range of injuries such abrasions, cuts and burns and it features two clips that allow it to be clipped into larger Equip first aid kits.


*Contents Booklet

*Emergency Action Card

*Protective Gloves *Antiseptic Wipes


*Safety Pins

*Surgical Blade

*Sterile Gauze Swabs

*Cotton Tips

*Iodine Swabs

*Normal Saline 30 ml

*Elastic Gauze Bandage (5.0cm x 4m)

*Elastic Gauze Bandage (7.5cm x 4m)

*Flexible Bandage Strips

*Knuckle Dressings

*Absorbent Non-adherent Dressing (7.2 x 5cm)

*Burn Aid gel sachet

*Open Weave Adhesive Dressing (10 x 25cm)

Weight: 125g

Dimensions: 180mm X 130mm X 40mm

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