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Exped Sim Lite 3.8 M


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New FlatValve Technology: Exped is the first manufacturer worldwide to incorporate these durable, easy to use valves in selfinflating mats. Two flat valves, one for inflation and one for deflation are found in the mat. One-way flaps on the valves hinder air from escaping during inflation, as „selfinflating mats“ usally need a couple of breaths of air for top-up and prevent air from re-entering during deflation and roll-up. Flat in design, non protruding, of soft PU and without sharp edges makes these valves more durable than traditional ones.


  • Honeycomb structured top surface
  • The filling: our new ultralight open celled PU foam weighs 13 kg/m³. Naturally free of contaminants (e.g. CFK) and fulfills the Ökotex 100 Norm.
  • Ultralight foam is cored horizontally and vertically, except in the torso area for enhanced insulation, reducing weight of the mats to a minium.
  • high frequency welded seams
  • FlatValve Technology
  • Fabric grommets and multi-function stuffsack
  • Repair kit included 


  • Size: 183x50x3.8 cm                                                       NOTE= NO SHIPPING OUT OF AUSTRALIA
  • Weight: 740 g
  • Packed: 27×16 cm
  • Temperature: -5°C