Exped SynMat UL 7LW Inc SCHNOZZEL Pump Bag




Pack size and weight are dramatically reduced with synthetic insulation inside the Exped SynMats. Exped took their knowledge from their world first Downmat and incorporated the idea using a lofting synthetic fill. The result is a thick cushion of air that is not only amazingly insulated but also provides comfort and smooths out uneven ground.

The SynMats (synthetic fill) weigh next to nothing, pack to 1L bottle size and have the insulation value of a warm self inflating mat.

Two wide mouth, flat, oneway valves ensure fast inflation and simple deflation. Similar to a sleeping bag, baffles between the mats chambers eliminate cold spots and promote a stable and supportive air cushion.



  • High frequency welded, laminated polyester with humidity resistant PU film
  • Texped loft microfiber fill bonded to upper and lower surfaces ensuring fill completely expands to chambers.
  • Patented baffled construction.
  • Non-slip upper fabric.
  • Includes the awesome Schnozzel Pump bag for 30 second inflation.
  • Size: 197 x 65 cm
    Thickness: 7 cm
    Temperature: -3°C
    R-Value: 2.9
    Fill: Microfiber 60 g/m2
    Packed Size: 23 x 14 cm
    Materials: Brushed, laminated polyester.
    Weight: Mat – 595 grams, pump – 60 grams, stuff sack – 14 grams

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