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We know of no boot that has passed so many tests with such excellent results. The Island MFS Active Pro placed first in the readership survey conducted in the December 2014 issue of Outdoor magazine. It is an excellent allround boot suitable for use on rugged trails and for serious backpacking. Stable upper made of high quality, hydrophobic Sil-Nubuck leather, breathable and waterproof thanks to the Gore-Tex lining. The original Meindl Multigriff profile sole by Vibram provides security and stability.

Foot Chart

Size & Fitting Guide

Boot Fitting – What Size Am I?

To ensure that you obtain the best model and best fit for your requirements we offer free professional guidance.                            Right Leg                                          Right Leg

Pronation and supination - the correct fit and correct model of Meindl boot can correct this problemOur Meindl Foot Measuring Chart

With the use of our Huntshop Foot Measuring Chart we are able to help you to confirm your correct boot size and widths. The chart measures width, pronation and supination. This allows us to advise you which model and size of boot will be best for you. Say for example you have wide forefeet and narrow heels – we can advise options for the right boot and size for you, depending on what you will be using your boots for. If you have issues with either pronation or supination we will direct you towards models with stronger tibial ties to help correct this.

A correctly fitted boot of the right model will enhance your abilities and ultimately your enjoyment of the entire outdoor experience.

Download the  Foot Measuring Chart and follow the instructions, then email it back to us (you can scan it, or take a digital photo, or even use your phone camera). It’s really important to put the measurements on the chart – this is the most important step!

Other facts to consider when purchasing new boots

The foot has three arches which are in effect the suspension and propulsion system that are energised by muscles and controlled by tendons and ligaments which act a bit like elastic bands. When weight is added – such as a backpack – the arches are extended, so the feet both lengthen and widen under the extra load. The feet also expand as they heat up. This lengthening and widening has to be allowed for.

Purchasing a boot too large can also be disastrous

Many people will purchase a boot that is a little too big to ensure that they do not have problems with toes hammering into the front of the boot while going downhill. If the boot has the room to allow the foot to move forward when the laces are tied correctly there will be a problem, as this excessive movement will cause friction and friction causes blisters. If you have heel lift when walking, this again will cause friction that will cause blisters. If the boot is oversize, the foot will be trying to flex the boot too far back, where the boot is not designed to flex and you will be not only be battling the terrain but also battling the boot. The correct fit varies from person to person, as arches that are in good condition will spread more under load than arches that have dropped. This is where quality professional guidance is so important.

The selection of socks also plays an important part in modern boot technology

In the old days of boots of primitive construction with overlaying internal joins that would rub and cut into the feet. It was normal for people to buy and wear very thick socks, not just to keep the feet warm but to act as padding to avoid the many internal footwear design faults.

Thankfully those days have gone. With the modern Meindl boot a fine wicking sock to enhance the transpiration of perspiration away from the skin is really all that is required – even up to sub alpine conditions. Thick socks aren’t necessary for warmth as the boots have a level of insulation from the foam linings. Thick socks are not required for padding when the boots are lined with mouldable foam.

Meindl MFS mouldable foam lining

Meindl’s introduction of MFS mouldable foam linings mean that the individual’s footform is imprinted into these linings making the boot a snug fit. This works especially well for the many people with slightly different sized feet.

A snug fit is required

When the laces are tied to the correct level of tightness across the bridge of the foot this will push the heel back into the heel counter (synthetic form holding the heel of boot in shape) restricting heel movement either up and down or backwards and forwards. If the foot has heel lift then blisters will surely happen. The ideal situation in sizing a new boot with MFS lining is to do so wearing a thin wicking/liner sock. The foam lining will allow the foot to imprint over a short period of use, increasing the volume of the boot. If you wear too thick a sock when sizing it has the potential to create too much volume in the boot when the foot has fully moulded into the MFS lining. In warmer weather a wicking sock is all that is required and in colder conditions a layering of socks is advised with the wicking or liner sock used next to the skin.

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