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Northern Broadheads 150 Grain 6 Pack Wide Pack



Northern Broadheads Screw-In 2-Blade is a proven cut-on-contact broadhead for big game animals all over the world. The large tip angle reinforces the blade against hard hits. Virtually eliminating bending and curling for confidence when hunting dangerous game.

The blade is 420 stainless steel at .040″ thick, and the ferrule is made from A3 steel, which gives strength against even the toughest of animals.

The double bevel straight edge is easy to sharpen and passes through thick hide without problems. The sharpened trailing edge works in the bowhunter’s favor in cases where there isn’t the desired pass through. This edge continues cutting and causing more vital damage when the arrow stays inside the animal.

A cost effective price for a top quality broadhead that is “Razor Sharp – Hunt Ready.” The 125 and 150 grain weights “Wide Cuts” feature a cutting width of 1-1/4″ with an approximate length of 1-3/4″. The 100 grain “Little Evil” model has a 1″ cutting width and an approximate 1-5/8″ length. All feature an aluminum ferrule.. Free Northern Broadheads patch included. Sold by the six pack.

  • 420 Stainless blade
  • Double Bevel cut-on-contact straight edge
  • Razor Sharp – Hunt Ready (we always recommend you hone / strop your broadheads)
  • 11/32 aluminum ferrule
  • Free patch, iron/sew on