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Sol Emergency Blanket Single



Some emergency shelters are just that – they are meant so that you can use them once or twice when needed and then never again. The Survive Outdoors Longer Sport Utility Blanket is a different type of shelter – one that you can use as an emergency blanket one day and then as a picnic blanket the next. Use it to haul heavy loads, as a ground tarp underneath a tent, rigged as a shelter, or to cover your gear in foul weather – the Sport Utility Blanket will be up to the task. Even with many times the strength of similar multi-use blankets and tarps, plus a scorching 95% heat reflectivity rating, the Sport Utility Blanket still weighs in at a feathery 11.3 oz.


Ski / Snowboard
Backpack Hunting
Hiking / Backpacking
Alpine / Rock Climbing
Urban / Family / Camping
Expeditions / Adventure Travel
Off Roading
Emergency Prep


Size: 5′ x 7′  142CM 213CM
Weight: 11.3 oz.  82 GRAMS
Item #: 0140-1224
Item Name: Survive Outdoors Longer Sport Utility Blanket


Extra-Durable Material
Single-layer woven structure is extremely resistant to tears and punctures – over 6x the durability of competing products.
Haul Heavy Loads
Rugged material is ideal for moving heavy objects – from firewood to big game.
Rig a Shelter
Six metal grommets offer a variety of shelter configurations, depending on your needs.
Stay Warm and Get Found
Material reflects 95% of radiated body heat; bright orange exterior color makes you easy to spot.
More than Just a Blanket
Use it around the house as a sun-shade, motorcycle cover, outdoor blanket, and more.

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ABOUT AMK Adventure Medical Kits

Our playing fields are often located far from the modern amenities that we take for granted – electricity, telephones, running water, and ready access to professional medical help. Consequently, the need to be self-sufficient in the outdoors is essential, especially during an emergency when assistance from rescue teams may be hours or days away.
Adventure Medical Kits is dedicated to bringing you the most innovative products which will keep you safe in the outdoors. At AMK, our love of the outdoors is matched only by our drive to create products that allow your customers to stay healthy on land, water, and air. We rely on the expertise of world authorities in wilderness medicine and survival techniques to develop and refine our products year after year.



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