Storm Bees wax Leather Conditioner 35Grams



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Soft wax enriched with Beeswax to nourish and add protection to smooth leathers that are regularly exposed to wet conditions.• Suitable for smooth and waxed leathers• Easy to use direct application• Economical to use• Silicone free product

• External treatment, no effect to internal wicking liners

• PFC free

Maintaining leather ensures fit and protection is maintained. The finish on leather shoes stops water seeping through this finish is prone to wear and can decay and reduce in effectiveness over time. Dried areas would no longer offer a good level of weather protection and could let the water in leaving marks on the leather or even wet feet. Our beeswax leather conditioner is a soft wax that deeply nourishes and maintains the suppleness of the main body of the leather and adds a layer of weather protection to the outer surface. Ideal for full leather footwear that is regularly exposed to wet conditions, not suitable for dress footwear.


Sizes – 35g

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