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Trangia 25-7 UL/HA


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Product Description

The25 Series are larger stoves that are best suited to groups of three or four people but of course is great for 2 campers or hikers. They are also excellent for families or base camp, with large pans and a wider frypan to accommodate big appetites

The stove systems of the 25 series have two saucepans (1.75 and 1.5 liters), a 22cm frying pan, upper and lower windshields, a burner, a pot grip and a strap.

Materials: Hard Anodised Ultralight Aluminium Weight: 865gm

Series 25 includes somewhat larger stoves suitable for groups of about 3-4 people. They are excellent family stoves with capacious pans, a wider frypan and a larger kettle. With the supports in the raised position, the stove can be used with large billies from the rest of the Trangia range.

Materials and technology used in various Trangia Products


Aluminium is a durable and lightweight material that conducts heat uniformly and quickly, so food does not burn in the centre of the pan. The aluminium stove has a hard surface that protects against scratches and abrasion. Trangia s basic models are made totally of aluminium, a material that has consistently good characteristics. For people who want trouble-free cooking with a stove that lasts for many years.

Ultralight Aluminium

Aluminium is a lightweight material that conducts heat well. Our aluminium stove systems spread heat quickly and evenly. This means that food does not, for example, burn and stick to the centre of the frying pan. In addition, the hard surface means that the systems are very resistant to scratching and wear. Ultralight aluminium is 50 % stronger than ordinary aluminium. Consequently, less material is required to manufacture the stove systems. As a result, they are lighter.

Ultralight Hardanodized Aluminium

Besides making our windproof stove systems even more resistant to scratching and wear, hardanodizing is a surface treatment that also improves corrosion resistance. Furthermore, the treatment makes the stove systems easier to clean than untreated stove systems. These excellent properties have led to hardanodized cookware replacing our Titanium and Duossal ran


The non-stick coating gives the ideal surface for frying, and requires little or no cooking fat. It also makes washing up easier, because nothing sticks. Non-stick is slightly more susceptible to scratches and abrasion, so use only wooden or plastic utensils. For those who want light packs, fuss-free eating and easy washing up

About Trangia:

Trangia was founded in 1925 by John E. Jonsson, who was a technically gifted and enterprising designer from an early age. John E. Jonsson, together with his father-in-law, started the company that has dominated the Swedish storm-proof stove industry for more than half a century. The company and the ingenuity have since been passed down to new generations of the family.

Trangia represents long experience, solid competence and modern design. During it s fifty years, the Trangia stove has been developed and refined. Components have been up-dated and the performance has been optimised. But the original, ingenious design is still the key to today’s successful Trangia stoves.

The Trangia stove is today used by outdoor people all over the world. For half a
century, the Trangia stove has been the natural choice for storm-proof stoves. Our approach to quality has put its stamp on manufacturing throughout the process, from the choice of materials to function. We have the accumulated skills and experience over 75 years and our proximity to the mountain environment and practical testing, combined with modern technology, design and constant development, means we can offer a complete, reliable, quality stove. The Trangia Original is and remains the original: a light, fast and, above all, reliable stove for the outdoors. In all weathers.


  • The stove systems of the 25 series have two saucepans (1.75 and 1.5 liters)

  • a 22cm frying pan

  • upper and lower windshields

  • a burner, a pot grip and a strap.

  • Materials: Hard Anodised Ultralight Aluminium

  • Weight: 865gm.