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Wacaco MiniPresso GR


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Make espresso on the sea, atop a snow-topped peak, or by a crystal river with the MiniPresso GR from Wacaco. This revolutionary handheld espresso maker puts the power to make rich and balanced espresso into your hands, wherever you are.

The MiniPresso is completely hand powered by a semi-automatic piston that is pressed several times over a period of thirty seconds to produce a shot of espresso at an average pressure of 8 bars. There’s no need for electricity, heavy CO2 cartridges, or large cans of compressed air.

This GR model allows you to use any coffee of your choosing, not limiting you to pods. The water chamber can hold up to 70ml, and the finished shot of espresso can be as large as 50ml, depending on how much water you put in the tank.

Although the device comes with a built-in scoop, tamp, and espresso cup, it’s the lightest and smallest espresso maker of its kind. With the MiniPresso, you’ll have no doubts about whether you have the space or weight to spare on your next journey.

MiniPresso GR – Coffee Grounds Features

  • Make Espresso Anywhere – Empowers you to take espresso anywhere you go.
  • Compact And Light – Small and light enough to throw in the suitcase or backpack without fear of wasting space or weight.
  • Push Powered – Powered by hand. No electricity, CO2 cartridges, or compressed air.
  • 8 Bars Of Pressure – Achieving the same pressure that commercial espresso machines generate with complex mechanics.
  • Use Any Coffee – Allows you to use the grounds of any coffee. Not limited to pods.

This product includes

  • Wacaco MiniPresso GR
  • Coffee Scoop / Tamp (Built-In)
  • Espresso Cup (Built-In)

The Specifics

  • Dimensions:  175x70x60 mm
  • Weight: 360 g
  • Water Capacity: 70 ml
  • Ground Coffee Capacity: 8 g
  • Average Pressure: 8 bar