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Unique fabric construction and special chemical treatments like DWR® and Teflon® keep your drier for longer. While you don’t get the full protection of waterproof fabrics, these garments generally have faster drying times; hold less water and have increased breathability to keep you more comfortable.


This is especially important while you’re doing high exertion activities like hunting. Clothing that breathes well allows the moisture build up to escape keeping you more comfortable when you stop. Wearing too much clothing will reduce breathability and cause you to overheat – make sure you match your clothing to the conditions.


Our waterproof fabrics have a special outer coating or a 3 layer laminate to keep water from passing through the fabric. Tested with 2m and 10m water pressure measured against the fabric for 24 hours, exceeds the standard test of waterproofing. These garments are fully seam-sealed.


Hunting takes you into some pretty harsh places and situations, whether it’s chasing Deer through blackberrys, scrambling up a steep slope or following a Stag through the scrub, tough gear is essential. Durability is often what makes the fabrics we use and the gear we make different from the rest.

Cold Weather

Insulation fabrics keep you warm and form the layer between the outer shell garment and the inner next to the skin layer. Our high-tech insulation layers provide outstanding warmth for their weight and, retaining their insulation qualities even when wet

Moisture Control

Our moisture control fabrics are designed to draw moisture away from your skin and actively transfer it to the outer surface of the fabric where the cooling effects of evaporation reduce overheating and sweating. Ideal as a base layer to improve the performance of your layering system.


To stay warm and well insulated your outer shell layer must be windproof. If your clothing isn’t stopping the wind you will lose heat quickly. Our technical windproof fabrics allow just enough air through to aid breathability and reduce overheating, but block enough so you stay warm.

Hot Weather

Garments made for hot conditions need to be lightweight and highly breathable to avoid that damp, clingy feeling. Fabrics capable of “wicking” moisture away from your skin are recommended for moisture control and fast drying times. Sun protection is also important.

Two Year Guarantee

If a Stoney Creek product is found to be faulty in any way, within two years of purchase, Stoney Creek will repair or replace it! There are no freight charges and no other hidden costs. Just return the product to the place of purchase.

5 Year Repair Warranty

If, within five years, your Stoney Creek clothing is damaged from an accident while hunting, Stoney Creek will repair it for free! Simply take it to any Stoney Creek Stockist. Normal wear and tear excluded. Some freight charges may apply.