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Exped Waterbloc 870 Fill NEW MODEL


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The combined benefits of a down filled sleeping bag and a bivy bag all in one.

These 4-season down filled sleeping bags with a waterproof breathable outer shell will keep you warm and dry in sub zero temperatures. Perfect for multi-day Alpine touring.

The prospect of getting your down filled sleeping bag wet on a multi-day alpine trek on the main range or wet weather hunt in Victoria has led many people to favour synthetic bags for their ability to remain warm when wet. The new Waterbloc series of bags from exped means you can ask yourself the question all over again.
Down or Synthetic filled sleeping bags? Overall goose down filled bags are the better choice for warmth to weight and packability, but synthetics perform better in wet conditions. Problem solved, because exped offer a unique, waterproof and breathable goose downfill collection of sleeping bags.

  • By replacing sewn seams with double welded seams, thousands of needle holes that allowed water to reach the down are now gone!
  • Warm air is prevented from being pushed out during sleep.
  • Seams are double welded for strength and durability.
  • The Waterbloc fabrics are both waterproof and vapor permeable. Even under the worst weather conditions, there are no problems with condensation from vapor emitted by the body.
  • Time-tested I-beam baffle design
  • Radical differential cut construction for increased warmth
  • Anatomical freestanding 3-D foot box
  • Patented waterproof seamless shell construction
  • Beefy 3-D Draft collar
  • Roomy heat-retaining comfort hood with SidePull closure
  • All-in-one sleeping solution merges sleeping bag with a bivy bag.
  • Tested Temperature ratings according to EN 13537: The Euro-Norm temperature rating for sleeping bags mainly provides comparability. A certified laboratory measures the heat loss of a dummy with 16 sensors in a climate chamber. Since men and women experience cold differently, the results for the comfort rating vary.

    • Women should choose ‘Comfort’ as reference temperature rating,
    • Men can go down to the ‘Limit’.
    • The ‘Limit’ rating defines the point at which one would barely feel warm but not shiver.
    • The ‘Max’ temperature rating defines the temperature at which one would feel so warm that the bag must be opened for venting.

    Although these ratings give a good indication, be sure to get advice at a specialist outdoor store since there are so many factors influencing comfort. Even one and the same person under different circumstances can feel up to a 10 degrees Celsius difference in the same sleeping bag!

    • You should also put great emphasis on the correct choice of sleeping mat so it matches the bags performance.

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Waterbloc -16°C Long/Left Zip

  • Weight: 1690g
  • Fill weight: 980g
  • Shoulder/Footwidth: 79/50 cm
  • Suits up to bodysize: 190cm
  • Packed: 5L
  • Temperature Range: -9 Comfort. -16 Limit, -28 Extreme
  • Shell Material: 20 D ripstop nylon, 2 layer VentAir PU membrane, 4000 mm water column, MVTR 20000 g/m2
  • Liner Material: 30 D nylon Texped PA44, downproof by construction,DWR-free
  • Fill: 800+ cu in European goose down, RDS certified.